The company’s products

“Aktobe refinery”

This page contains full list of petroleum products

produced by the company “Aktobe refinery”


Used as fuel in carburetor automobile and motorcycle engines, and in engines for other purposes. Produced by mixing gasoline and gas fractions resulting from the processing of oil with high-octane additives, anti-oxidation and anti-knock additives.

Motor gasoline AIK2-92 Regular-92

TR CU 013/2011, GOST R 51105-97

Motor gasoline AI-95-K4

TRTC 013/2013, GOST R 51866-2002

Petrol is a solvent

PST RC – 06-2014

Used as a solvent for dry cleaning of fabrics, washing of parts prior to repair and to remove products of anti-corrosion coatings

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel, ideal for modern passenger cars and commercial diesel vehicles of domestic and foreign production. However, it will ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine in the older models of automotive engineering.

The summer diesel fuel DT-L-K2

GOST 305-82

Winter diesel fuel DT-Z-K2

GOST 305-82

Marine fuel

Fuel used for ship power units are manufactured in the following grades: marine distillate fuels DMX,DMA, DMZ, DMB, residual marine fuels RMA 10, RMB 30, RMD 80, RME 180. Distillate marine fuels have low viscosity, do not require pre-heating. Used in high-speed and mediumspeed engines, gas turbine units. Residual marine fuels comprise fuel oil and distillate fractions are used in low speed diesel engines.

Residual marine fuels RMA 10

GOST R 54299-2010 (ISO 8217:2012)

Residual marine fuels RMA 30

GOST R 54299-2010 (ISO 8217:2012)

Marine distillate fuel DMX

GOST R 54299-2010 (ISO 8217:2012)

Distillate marine fuel DMA

GOST R (ISO 8217:2012)

Heating oil type A

ST TOO 10084001475-01-2011, GOST 10585
Heating fuel is intended for burning in heating installations of low power and heat generators in the medium power used in agriculture for feed preparation, drying grain, fruit, conservation and other purposes.


Fuel oil M40 and M100, are used in stationary steam boilers, low-power heating systems, for residential premises, heat generators, not too much power, and industrial furnaces. Used as boiler fuel in power generation, shipping and industry.

Fuel oil M-100

GOST 10585

Fuel oil M-40

GOST 10585

The quality control of petroleum products — one of the priorities LLP “Aktobe refinery”.  
The quality control is carried out by the laboratory of Aktobe Oil Refining LLP.